The ACT Directorate of Territory and Municipal Services (ACT TAMS) has implemented new software to automate its drawing submittal methods, and improve the accuracy of asset data acquisition processes.

The Open Spatial As-Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) software and related ‘As-Constructed Portal’ is now live, with ACT TAMS capturing 145 asset classes in the maintenance of its roads, drainage, open space and street lighting in Canberra.

TAMS implemented on the ‘As-Constructed Portal’ to automate the validation of submitted digital data against its drafting standards and then transferred this data to a staging area within the TAMS environment, removing the need for manual data entry.

Technical Project Manager for TAMS, Robert Vanderkley, said, “The Open Spatial ACDC product and Portal have provided TAMS with a sleek and highly functional validation and data loading solution for its asset data, allowing thorough and timely asset information updates to the asset owners and associated data users of TAMS.

“The project began in April 2015 and the implementation has been highly successful, with benefits already being realised.”

ACDC together with the ‘As Constructed Portal’ provides a complete solution for the delivery of Works As Executed (WAE/As-Constructed) data-from validating and converting the data to uploading the data into the GIS/asset management system.

The ‘As Constructed Portal’ provides consulting engineers, architectural practices, developers and landscape architects an ability to pre-validate their drawings prior to submission, short circuiting the process of delivering an as-constructed drawing to the satisfaction of TAMS and triggering the release of deposits to the developer.

CEO at Open Spatial, Wanda Skerrett, said, “We are very pleased with the successful completion of the Automated Works as Executed Data Entry System Project.

“Working with the committed ACT TAMS project team facilitated a successful completion within time frames and budget.

“The fact that ACT TAMS are already realising benefits is tremendous and a great example of the Our Focus section of the Open Spatial Company Overview, which reads ‘to enable productivity improvements, resulting in tangible ROI and sustainable savings for Customers’.”

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