Sydney Water Partnership with Veolia

Sydney Water has announced it’s partnering with a company through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which aims to explore innovation opportunities to deliver sustainable and resilient water services for the city.

Sydney Water entered a partnership with Veolia, a leading company in the water, waste and energy sector.

Aligning the strategic priorities across two industry leaders will see a focus on securing the future of water supply. 

The partnership will ensure new and existing operations become energy self-sufficient, reach carbon neutrality and support the development of emerging technologies.

Sydney Water’s Managing Director, Roch Cheroux, said the utility is future-focused and innovation is a key area of growth to help establish more resourceful ways to provide sustainable water services.

“This initiative is a fantastic example of how market leaders can unite and utilise each other’s expertise and skill to deliver innovative results that will benefit both businesses, the community and customers,” Mr Cheroux said.

“Both organisations are passionate champions of the circular economy, and with this MOU we have managed to bring together the necessary people, ideas and innovations, to accelerate the path to carbon neutrality, while showcasing best practice for environmental partnerships.”

Veolia’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Richard Kirkman, said by combining industry knowledge and experts from both organisations, the energy and water treatment solutions identified are set to rapidly help protect and preserve the planet.

“This affiliation is a unique approach and sets the standard for social responsibility. By trialling new innovations we’re maximising the ability to reach carbon neutrality and energy self-sufficiency sooner,” Mr Kirkman said.

“Together we will explore opportunities for energy-saving systems, such as water batteries for district cooling, and look to pilot new innovations that optimise recycled water usage for sustainable cities.”

The MOU will trial both emerging and proven technologies and processes at Sydney Water’s/Veolia-operated sites over the next 18 months.

Image: Sydney Water partnership with Veolia. Courtesy of Sydney Water.

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