Major building programs such as the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, require sophisticated solutions to all of the construction and fitout requirements. The plumbing and mechanical services are no exception. The sheer size of these projects and the number of coordinated installations required, can lead to bottlenecks, along with time and cost blow-outs.

Improved installation efficiency

With thousands of joints to be completed in multiple copper tube systems, RCH project contractors were very receptive to the Viega Propress pressfit technology to improve both their installation efficiency and end product quality.

Paul Barnes, Construction Manager, CDC Plumbing, contractor on the RCH project, said, “Our decision to use Viega Propress on this project came down to the speed of installation and our faith in the quality. We view Viega Propress as a sound product.”

Enhanced processing safety – massive savings

viega-pressgun-picco-2The Viega Propress system completely eliminates the need for brazing of joints, resulting in total elimination of heat, gas and flame from the worksite.

This delivers massive savings in installation time, along with significant improvements in joint performance and finish.

Viega Propress joints have double the inherent strength compared with brazed joints as the tube is not heated and annealed during the pressing process, eliminating the most likely point and cause of failure.

OH&S and fire risks eliminated

Mechanical services contractors A.G. Coombs, and joint venture partners A.E. Smith & Son also employed the Viega Propress system.

Kevin Wilson, spokesman for the mechanical services team, said, “We were very keen to adopt the Viega Propress system, particularly for our chilled beam water reticulation systems.

“Chilled beam systems have numerous small coil orifices and control balancing valves, making it vital to keep the system clean and free from contaminants. By using Viega Propress, we removed the normal contamination risks that occur from silver soldering the pipework.

“This also makes commissioning so much faster and easier.

“We also benefited from complete removal of oxy-acetylene work, and the inherent fire danger and risk of injury. Eliminating heat and flame lowers the install OH&S risk, along with giving us productivity gains with a far less complex jointing process.”

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