A Melbourne-based company has developed a sustainable, environmentally friendly method of concrete cutting.

Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting is a specialist provider of concrete and asphalt cutting services. The company’s journey began 33 years ago working in the civil industry cutting concrete and asphalt, and they began trading as Cut and Clean Concrete Cutting in 2009.

In 2004, Cut and Clean undertook a research and development program to establish an environmentally friendly approach to concrete cutting. As a result, Cut and Clean was the first to market with a sustainable, environmentally responsible solution for water conservation and waste management within the concrete cutting industry.

Today, Cut and Clean still remains the only provider of concrete cutting services with an integrated water recycling process and environmentally responsible waste management solution as part of its service, which is utilised in every single job the company undertakes.

The innovative approach taken by Cut and Clean provides protection against the discharge of contaminants to waterways, and reduces exposure to potentially harmful airborne particles.

Their patented process enables the recovery, separation and recycling of the slurry produced by cutting of asphalt and concrete. The outcomes achieved include reduced contamination of waterways and the environment in general, avoidance of potential damage to public infrastructure, significantly lower water usage and safer on-site operations.

Cut and Clean operates seven integrated vacuum and recycling units, and is in the process of constructing an eighth unit which will be operational in 2016.

For more information, and to view a short video of Cut and Clean’s operations, visit

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