Gaining a competitive advantage relies on the ability to provide real value to customers in a marketplace that offers increasing choice. The best way for utilities to stay ahead of their competition is by providing customers with access to readily available data anywhere, any time.

Secure remote access solutions enable superior visibility and control for better preventive and predictive maintenance. These remote access devices provide superior customer service, and with the capability to identify and troubleshoot performance issues as, and in many cases before, they occur, they increase the uptime and efficiency of your installations.

These remote access devices can be the difference between success and failure for your customers, as the remote diagnostic capability eliminates the need for major travel to fix minor issues.

NHP’s remote access devices

NHP brings to market high-quality, industrially rugged remote access devices that provide wireless communications solutions for a range of applications.

The extensive range is designed to offer easy remote access, across the internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field.

These devices allow the users to troubleshoot machines, debug their PLC program, upload projects and gain remote access of an HMI or a drive – all without the need to go on site, drastically reducing support costs.

This industrial modular M2M (machine to machine) router and data gateway is designed for data monitoring, alarming (SMS and email) and data collection to provide a low-cost solution for large deployments.

This range provides the capability to communicate with the most varied field equipment. This is increasingly important in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing.

NHP’s remote access offering allows utilities to upgrade easily to new technology and connect to a wide range of industrial devices for seamless communication.

Optimise your operations with NHP

When it comes to the water and wastewater industry, companies can stay ahead of the competition with readily available data, accessible anywhere and anytime.

By implementing an enhanced automation system with advanced networking, companies can now tackle challenges impacting the utilities sector.

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