Featured image: Pipes arriving for the Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline. Courtesy of Queensland Government.

The first pipes for the $983 million Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline have arrived in Rockhampton, signalling that preparations are underway for the start of construction.

The 117km pipeline will run from the Lower Fitzroy River in Rockhampton and connect to Gladstone Area Water Board’s existing water network at Yarwun, set to provide long-term water security to Gladstone’s industry and support ongoing economic development in the region.

The Queensland State Government approved construction of the $983 million Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline, with $548.5 million to be spent in 2023–24 to continue the delivery of the project.

To assist the Gladstone Area Water Board with funding the project, the State Budget included an equity allocation of $550 million made possible by the uplift in royalty revenue.   

The pipeline will have the capacity to transport 30GL per annum from the Fitzroy River to Gladstone.

The pipes are being manufactured by Steel Mains Pty Ltd – an Australian manufacturer and supplier of complete steel pipelines for the transportation of water and wastewater.

Works are underway and the expected project completion is late 2026, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Queensland Minister for Water and Member for Gladstone, Glenn Butcher, said, “The 117km pipeline will deliver long-term water security to the Gladstone region to support more job creating industries – this is good for jobs now and into the future.

“The funding locked in as part of the Big Build is proof of the Queensland Government’s commitment to Central Queenslanders.

“The Bradfield panel recommended investing in the use of water closer to where it falls as well as developing Regional Water Grids, and we are doing just that.”

Queensland Member for Rockhampton, Barry O’Rourke, said, “We’re eager to see the lasting positive legacy that the Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline will have on our region as a result of the Queensland Government’s commitment to supporting local content and workforce.

“We expect to see at least 40 per cent of Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline construction costs spent locally throughout the duration of project delivery, which will be a fantastic opportunity and economic boost for Rockhampton.”

Gladstone Area Water Board Chief Executive Officer, Darren Barlow, said, “This is a significant milestone for the delivery of the Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline and is a great opportunity to ensure that this project is on Central Queenslander’s radars.

“The McConnell Dowell BMD Joint Venture team has spent the past three months negotiating with landholders, procuring equipment and materials, and starting works at the Gracemere laydown area and workers camp to gear up for start of construction in August this year.”

Featured image: Pipes arriving for the Fitzroy to Gladstone pipeline. Courtesy of the Queensland Government.

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