Domestic gas deliveries have commenced from a natural gas facility in Wheatstone, Western Australia, giving consumers confidence about gas availability.

Domestic gas infrastructure is central to the WA Domestic Gas Policy. Western Australia’s reliable and affordable gas supply could also help businesses in other Australian jurisdictions grow, if they move their businesses to the state.

As well as being reliable, Western Australia’s gas is also cheap compared with other Australian jurisdictions. WA Premier, Mark McGowan, said that relocating to Western Australia could present a smart business opportunity.

This will also encourage industries to develop downstream processing opportunities and is consistent with the aims of the Premier’s LNG Jobs Taskforce.

Mr McGowan said, “Western Australia enjoys the lowest wholesale gas prices in the country, and there is a big opportunity for eastern state businesses to relocate to here to take advantage of the cost and reliability of our gas supply.

“My government will continue to encourage investment in WA to create more jobs for Western Australians.

“Our LNG Jobs Taskforce continues to work to establish WA as a LNG hub and to maximise the jobs that flow to Western Australians from the LNG industry.” 


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