Sunshine Coast Council has rejected a proposal for a National Broadband Network communications tower to be built in Eudlo.

The nbn lodged a development application with the council, which proposed the construction of a 41-metre high tower on private property 300m south of the Eudlo township on the Sunshine Coast.

Divisional councillor Jenny McKay said there were around 25 existing dwellings that would have been within 400m of the proposed facility, including Eudlo State School 270m away.

“The proposed facility was intended to be utilised for a telecommunications tower in association with the establishment of the fixed wireless network infrastructure of the National Broadband Network (NBN), to deliver wireless broadband access to the hinterland,” Mrs McKay said.

“Council has not approved the development as it conflicts with the planning scheme at both strategic and code levels and there are not sufficient grounds in the public interest to justify or override the identified conflicts.

“Any benefit to the community associated with improving local wireless broadband access is outweighed by the poor site location.”

Mrs McKay said there was nothing unique about the subject site that would justify establishment of the tower at the proposed location.

“It was considered that the scale and environmental characteristics of the proposed facility would alter the rural landscape values and heritage significance of Eudlo and impact upon the views and amenity enjoyed by residents and tourists.

“The proposal also represented a conflict with the telecommunications facility code in relation to appropriate separation from sensitive land uses and its siting with compatible uses – the facility was proposed to be located on a rural parcel of land in a relatively prominent position along an identified scenic route.

“We believe there are alternative options and sites available for this service which are further removed from areas of scenic and cultural importance,” Mrs Mckay said.

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