Approximately 9,000 trees and shrubs have been planted at the Millbrook and Myponga Reservoir Reserves in South Australia under a rehabilitation agreement between SA Water and ForestrySA.

This follows a review of harvested plantations in the reservoir reserves, where it was decided to rehabilitate the sites back to local native vegetation rather than replant them with pines.

SA Water Environmental Services Senior Manager James Crocker says the trees and shrubs were planted on about 36 hectares within the 2 reserves.

“Both of these sites have great potential to support a range of native plants and animals, and provide a permanent land cover for the reservoir reserves,” Mr Crocker says.

“These new plantings will benefit the local environment and help with the management of water quality, which is great news for these sites.

“This is an exciting initiative between SA Water and ForestrySA which will deliver positive environmental outcomes.”

SA Water and ForestrySA have worked together to develop rehabilitation strategies for the sites including species selection, planting design and weed control into the future.

ForestrySA District Forest Manager Gary Pearson says the rehabilitation of the sites will benefit biodiversity within the reserves.

“Both sites border other significant areas of remnant native vegetation and these new plantings will provide an increased area of habitat for local flora and fauna,” Mr Pearson says.

“These rehabilitation sites were replanted with a range of native species which include River Red Gum, SA Blue Gum, Golden Wattle and Hakea carinata.

“We are proud to be partnering with SA Water to help return these reservoir reserves to their natural habitat.”

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