Icon Water is asking Canberra homeowners to participate in their Water Quality Monitoring Program, to assist them in keeping the territory’s water top-notch.

The program is an important water sourcing and testing initiative that ensures that Canberrans can continue to enjoy some of the best quality water in Australia.

Every year, Icon Water conducts a comprehensive water quality monitoring program across its water supply and distribution system and relies on sourcing those samples from Canberra’s residential taps.

The data is used to verify water quality across the network and monitor trends within the system, to ensure that the region’s water meets the recommendations and requirements included within the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the Drinking Water Code of Practice.

Icon Water must test points right across the water network, to ensure that water quality is of a high standard across the ACT, but require more homeowners to get on-board the program.

David Hohnke of Icon Water says that a number of Canberra residents would have received a letter asking for participation, but those residents still need to confirm their involvement.

“Icon Water has sent targeted mail to residents in certain suburbs – where we still require sample points – asking for participation in the program, “he said.

“It’s important that those residents confirm that they wish to be part of the program, either by sending us an email, or giving us a call.

“The program is just one way that we can work to ensure that the water quality is of the highest standard it can possibly be, across our entire water network,” Mr. Hohnke concluded.

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