IDS has now released its new Opera DUO to the market.

GPR is a vital piece of equipment in a locators arsenal and gives the operator more information and is a useful tool when used with EMF and other types of locating technology. The new DUO uses proven Dual frequency technology that offers better accuracy to standard single channel units.

The IDS Dual frequency units have two frequencies; a high frequency 700 MHz and a lower 250 MHz combined antenna. Using a high frequency antenna gives the operator more accuracy enabling them to locate the smaller targets in the shallow depths that single frequency units could sometimes miss. The lower frequency will detect deeper and work better in more difficult soil conditions that GPR units regularly come across.

Onboard GPS units do not offer the accuracy required when users want to accurately map an area. The Opera DUO offers new acquisitions software that allows users to use superior external GPS units and allows them to transfer information across to AutoCAD.

Another innovative feature is the optional spray paint marker. This system is mounted on the antenna and is incorporated into the acquisition software so a user can simple mark when they detect a target on the display. No more bad-back from bending down and marking the ground using conventional spray cans.

Access Detection will be doing some special introductory pricing for the first five units and will have roadshows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Please visit our website at for dates and further information on the unit.

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